EinScan Pro 2X 2020

Professional 3D Scanner for versatile applications in an easy way


Einscan Pro 2X 2020

Pengganti terbaru dari Einscan Pro 2X Series. Einscan Pro 2X 2020 adalah 3D Scanner yang cocok dipergunakan baik di kelas profesional ataupun industri. Scan range yang luas dan kecepatan pada proses scanning menjadikan EinScan Pro 2X 2020 sangat di minati oleh para pengguna.

Scan Mode Handheld HD Scan Handheld Rapid Scan Fix Scan
Scan Accuracy Up to 0.045mm Up to 0.1mm 0.04mm (single shot accuracy)
Volumetric Accuracy 0.3mm/m 0.3mm/m N/A
Scan Speed 10 frames/s; 3.000.000 points/sec 30 frames/s; 1.500.000 points/sec Single Scan <0.5sec
Point Distance 0.2mm-2mm 0.2mm-2mm 0.16mm
Single Scan Range 150*120mm – 250*200mm
Light Source LED
Texture Scan Yes (with Add-on: Color Pack)
Outdoor Operations Set up the shelter or cover to avoid direct sunlight
Supported OS Win 8, Win10 (64bit)

    • Best 3D Scanner 2019 by Aniwa
    • Outstanding Scan Performance
      Incredible Scan Speed and Efficiency, High Accuracy, Catch Fine Detail
    • Full-Color Scan
      Get the full-color texture with geometry by adding the Color Pack.
    • Versatile Scan Modes & Align Modes
      Scan Modes: Handheld Rapid Scan, Handheld HD Scan, Fixed Scan.
      Align Modes: Feature alignment, markers alignment, turntable coded targets alignment, and manual alignment.
    • Accuracy of EinScan Pro Series Scanners
      Factory tested accuracy according to VDI/VDE 2634 standards.

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