Maintenance Service


Several things to consider before ordering

1 . Design objects with 3d software that you master or you can download them on sharing sites like thingiverse.com, cults3d.com, and others.

2. Export your 3D object to .STL, .OBJ, .3DS, .3DM, or .JGS format and send to us

3. 3D object ready to print

4. Finalize

1. Scaling - Make sure the dimensions of the object in the modeling process, according to the dimensions of the object you want to print.

2. Print space - Our maximum dimension that can we handle 170 cm x 80 cm x 60 cm ( Length * Width * Height) for SLA (stereolithography apparatus) and 30 cm x 30 cm x 60cm for FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

3. Breaking it Down - Several object will be better to be broke down into several parts, and assamble after being printed.

4. Oversized Object - If the object are larger than our maximum capacity, the object can be sliced into several parts and paste them after being printed.

We have several materials to use, but for pricing we use PLA materials as an benchmark.
The price depends on grammature and the quality of the printing.

Low Resolution - IDR 2.500/gram
Standard Resolution - IDR 5.000/gram
High Resolution - IDR 10.000/gram

We have our show unit displayed at our head office in Taman Anyelir No. 27 Tangerang Indonesia. 15157. Its available by appointment 

FlashForge can operate well in Windows and Mac OS


Several info of our product delivery

We only use JNE or Gojek for Shipping

We assure the final product is useable and match your quality standards from the very first start of pricing process. When we start the pricing process we will ask, the use of the item to make sure the item useable on your purpose as efficient as possible

Shipping Insurance are available in purchasing within Tokopedia platform

Maintenance Service

Several condition on our maintenance service

All 3D printer purchased from us get 2 years free maintenance. Maintenance include Checking services and replacement service.

3D Printer : 1 year damage warranty and 6 month for the nozzle head
3D Printing : Only valid in sampling process
Spare parts : 6 month damage warranty 

All warranty void if caused by human error
3D Printing - Warranty applies to product samples due to application failures resulting from our inaccurate analysis.
3D Printer - Warranty void if the printer use fillament that not purchased/recommended on/by our store
Spare Parts - Warranty void if the printer use fillament that not purchased/recommended on/by our store

Extension only available on the first purchase.